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Company Overview

RisingSun Membrane with location in Beijing China, is a professional membrane products'manufacture for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. We are and will be always focus on membrane research and development to meet customers strict filtration needs. We can supply the spiral-wound, tubular or hollow fiber module type. Besides, we are active for specialty membrane development for Pharmaceuticals, Biotech fermentation, Dye, Waste water and E-coat process.

We cooperated with many steady customers worldwide. To meet customers'requirements, we are not only supply membrane products, but also membrane process design, system consultant service. Our key employee have more than a decade experience in membrane production and applicaitons.

By means of introducing automatic production equipments, advanced membrane technology and membrane material, carry out ISO 2008 management, we guarantee consistent membrane quality, deliver more efficient membrane process,and greater success for you in your markets.

We devote to supply membrane products for liquid separation, concentration and clarification.