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Term of Use

This Website is operated by RisingSun Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "RisingSun"). When using the site, read the terms and conditions of use below thoroughly and agree to them before using the site. Be aware that by using the site, you agree to all the terms and conditions of use below. The terms and conditions of use are subject to change without prior warning, so we ask that you confirm the latest terms and conditions before using the site.

1. Intellectual Property Rights

The content on this site is protected by copyright laws in respective countries and relevant treaties. Accordingly, the information on the site may not be reproduced, altered or distributed without permission in writing from RisingSun. Material may be downloaded from the site, stored on a personal computer and printed out for the personal use of customers. However, material may not be transferred to any other Web sites or printed media. The material contained on this site may not be used without permission from the copyright holder for any other purpose that exceeds the scope permitted under copyright law.

2. Trademarks

The RisingSun company name used on the site is a trade name. "RisingSun" and the names of products manufactured by RisingSun are also trademarks or registered trademarks.

RisingSun's trade names and trademarks are protected under Chinese Trademarks Law. They may not be used or reproduced without express permission from RisingSun.

3. Links

Links to this site are, in principle, unrestricted under the condition that the "Instructions for links" are observed. Be aware that RisingSun may request that a link be deleted, depending on the content of the site and the method used for the link.

Instructions for links:

(1) When creating a link to the RisingSun site, we ask that you use the company name RisingSun Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. or “RisingSun Membrane”. 

(2) We ask that you create the link to the Top Page of the RisingSun site.

(3) We ask that you do not display the RisingSun site within a frame. 

4.Links to the Sites of Third Parties

RisingSun shall not be responsible for the content of the Web sites of third parties linked from and to this site. A link between this site and the site of a third party does not indicate that RisingSun is recommending the linked site.


RisingSun takes all reasonable care with regard to updating information and the operation of this site. However, RisingSun makes no representation and warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranties with respect to accuracy, usefulness, suitability, and/or fitness for particular purpose, of the information on the site. RisingSun also makes no warranty against the occurrence of errors, the existence of computer viruses on the server on which the site is hosted, or any other harmful programs. 

RisingSun shall not be in any way responsible or liable for any losses or damage incurred as a result of the information on this site or as a result of the use of this site. The information on this Web site is subject to change without prior notice, and RisingSun reserves the right to suspend or discontinue operation of this Web site.

6.Availability of Goods and Services

The goods and services contained on this Web site are not available in all countries and regions. Goods and services may also be supplied under different trademarks in different countries. We ask that you contact your nearest RisingSun representative office if you wish to use the goods and services shown on this site.

7.Proper Law and Court of Jurisdiction

This Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of China. Any and all disputes arising out of or relating to this site shall be brought to the Shunyi District Court Beijing, China.